By Pauline Clayton.

Setting out to empty a cupboard full of fabric became a life changing moment for grandmother, Yvonne Pattinson.

A home seamstress all her life Yvonne couldn’t resist using up the material by making pretty outfits for little girls.

This led to a friend involved with an orphanage in Myanmar asking for as much clothing for these children as Yvonne could make.

Urged on by her daughter Deborah, then an officer with the Queensland Police Force, Yvonne founded Uniforms 4 Kids to make clothes for children throughout Queensland’s rural and outback areas, and across the Torres Strait islands, and Papua New Guinea

Three years later and Yvonne with her modest team of local ladies has supplied more than 2000 delightful, attractive, quality shorts, dresses, shirts, skirts and carry bags to children ranging from toddlers to 10 year-olds.

The demand is now so great Yvonne needs to expand her small team of seamstresses.

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